IPC CFX—Plug & Play IIoT Connections for Smart Factories

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What is CFX?

  • IIoT technology standard for the assembly industry
  • Native plug & play data exchange, no middleware or customization
  • Enabler of Industry 4.0, Smart, Digital Factory Solutions
  • One interface for all shop-floor data collection
  • Covers all aspects of manufacturing, quality, test, ERP integration, supply-chain etc.
  • For machine vendors, internal IT teams and software solution providers
  • Applicable to all sizes and sectors of the assembly industry

Benefits of CFX

  • The answer to: ‘what data I need from my machines’
  • A single, comprehensive, agreed upon language and data set for all machine types
  • Eliminate needless machine interface development costs
  • Eliminates the need for IoT middleware costs and risk
  • Reduced time, risk and costs for solution deployment
  • Superior, consistent data quality – detail, scope, timeliness
  • Supports MES, PLM, ERP and much more, enhancing benefits

Components von CFX

  • Secure, free, proven worldwide, omnidirectional, AMQP v1.0 Transportation Protocol
  • Free development SDKs for IT and for machine vendors
  • JSON data encoding, efficient and human readable
  • Specifically defined message structure and data content
  • Retrofit options for many existing machines

Applications of CFX

  • Machine-to-machine closed-loop data exchange
  • Realistic, cost-effective, machine, line, factory and enterprise analytics
  • Clear visibility of mission-critical KPIs, reports and analytics
  • Automation of machines and processes under Industry 4.0
  • Lean materials, quality management, logistics, planning, maintenance, process and material traceability and much more

Industry Support and CFX Roadmaps

To view supporters from across the supply chain and CFX implementation roadmaps from these companies, visit


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