Cleanroom 2019

High-tech products place high demands on manufacturing conditions. The cleanroom plays a key role in that process. The "cleanroom" at productronica shows how people are keeping things clean there.

Digitization and miniaturization in the electronics industry continue to progress, many processes have been carried out in clean environments (cleanrooms) for a long time now. Automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, in particular, are increasing their requirements and are relocating their production to clean environments.

Clean environments prevent even the smallest particles in the air from causing damage at process-critical points. Even molecular impurities pose a danger. For example, degassing from plastics can cause a significant contamination of the product surface and thus have negative influence on the product quality.

In the Cleanroom special exhibition, the cleanroom agency mycleanroom and its partners will focus on the fields of automation, modular cleanroom systems and modern training methods. Other topics include cleanroom supplies, cleaning, filtration, airborne molecular impurities and measurement techniques.

A modular cleanroom with cleanroom furniture and floor as well as contamination control zones serves as a stage for the demonstrations. Here, all relevant processes are presented to the visitors and important factors are highlighted.

Another focus is the human being as a risk factor in cleanrooms—which is why concepts for clothing and holistic measures for empowerment are presented. With mycleanroomVR, visitors have access to a virtual cleanroom and can practice the use of cleaning mops. An ideal opportunity to experience virtual learning first hand.

Topics of the presentations and interactive live sessions

  • Individual and modular cleanrooms
  • Furniture and contamination control zones as well as ventilation concepts

  • Cleaning and cleanroom supplies
  • Clothing concepts and consumables

  • Component feeders and handling
  • Warehousing

  • Training as a cleanroom manager
  • Behavioral and cleaning trainings
  • Live VR training with mycleanroomVR


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