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Quick Tests for Optimizing Conformal Coating Processes

12. NOV 2019

Lecture PCB & EMS Speakers Corner

12:30-13:00 h | PCB & EMS Speakers Corner, B3, booth 360

Subjects: Test and measurement, quality assurance

Speaker: Dr. Helmut Schweigart (ZESTRON Europe ...a Business Division of Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie GmbH)

Type: Lecture

Speech: English

In order to protect electronic assemblies against harmful environmental influences, more and more assemblies are being coated. But what has to be considered when coating is applied?

 The reliability of protective PCB assembly coatings, regarding to climate and harmful gas safety, is essentially determined by the uniform application of the coating without interferences or gaps in the protective layer. Besides this the drying procedure and the achieved curing level determine or influence the electrical and thermomechanical properties of the applied coating under operation conditions. In particular, common trouble areas such as solder joint edges and pore channels in coating pooling areas, when lacking a proper coating layer, have detrimental effects on the final protective effectiveness for the assembly.

 The presentation will point out methods for testing assemblies, which coating failures can occur and which effects do these failures have on the functionality of the assembly. During the presentation various problems and failure sources are being introduced that can occur when electronic assemblies are coated. In a case study, a malfunction due to a defective coating is presented based on analysis results. In addition, possible decision-making tools for optimizing the coating process will be explained.

 One example is the ZESTRON® Coating Layer Test. It utilizes a black color reaction as a visual indicator of defects in the protective coating, even in the case of μ-coatings. The test thus adds the standardized methods for coating thickness measurement by enabling rapid and non-destructive detection of closed and dense coatings. Therefore, the test can also be used during production for cost-effective sampling. Another presented test method will be the so called Coating Reliability Test (CoRe-Test) which is part of GfKORRs “Guideline for the Application and Utilisation of Protective Coating for Electronic Assemblies”.

Dr. Helmut Schweigart

ZESTRON Europe ...a Business Division of Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie GmbH

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ZESTRON Europe ...a Business Division of Dr. O.K. Wack Chemie GmbH


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