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Talent Gateway is a networking and recrutainment platform that offers a very special way of bringing you together with your potential employers.

Often, getting in touch with potential employers and convincing them of yourself the traditional way is not so easy. Sometimes, writing an application or conducting a classic interview may not be your particular strength. With Talent Gateway, you can put aside the “classic” path and look forward to a variety of adventures that will help you find your dream job.

Talent Gateway offers young talents the following benefits:


Networking at the Career Café

In our Career Café, you can get in direct contact with numerous companies from the electronics industry, get valuable tips and advice and perhaps even have a first interview with a potential employer. Here you can come very close to your dream job.

Company Tech Slam

The Tech Slam is an entertaining mini-conference for the exchange of knowledge and for personal encounters. Pecha Kucha is the presentation technique that involves the projection of matching images (slides) onto a wall to accompany an oral presentation. The number of images is set at 20, as is the duration of the projection time of 20 seconds per image. Consequently, the total duration of the presentation is 6 minutes and 40 seconds. The presentations/short workshops will be held by experts—you can really look forward to it!

Agile Barista

“Agile Barista” involves preparing coffee à la Scrum and in a process-optimized way. With this interactive format you will get to know yourselves in a completely new role. Making coffee in collaboration with a barista is fun and offers you a lasting experience. At the same time, the principles and practices of the Scrum project management method are applied. The focus is on self-organization, communication, interaction and the continuous improvement of cooperation.

Escape Game Bus “The Traveler”

The recrutainment live escape game was specially developed for the recruitment of professionals. During your mission, you have to develop solutions, search for clues, read source codes, combine, analyze and use your mind, skill and creativity—all under time pressure. That's the only way to exit the mission as the winner.

QR Code Rally

The QR Code Rally is a digital scavenger hunt, during which you have to correctly answer up to 10 technical questions in a quiz app. To get to the questions, you have to scan QR codes that will be placed at the stands / info counters. After each correct answer, a hint will open leading you to where the next QR code is located. Ready, steady, hunt!

Talents Party

With our Talents Party you can not only look forward to an evening with DJ, drinks and snacks. You will also have the opportunity to get to know your dream employer while networking in a relaxed atmosphere. You should not miss out on this chance to round off your day!

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