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Veranstaltungskalender 2019

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An enhanced graphite metallization process

12. NOV 2019

Vortrag PCB & EMS Speakers Corner

16:30-17:00 Uhr | PCB & EMS Speakers Corner, B3, booth 360

Themen: Leiterplatten und Schaltungsträger-Fertigung

Sprecher: Dr. Frank Brüning (Atotech Deutschland GmbH)

Format: Vortrag

Sprache: Englisch

Cost effective, technically capable and environmentally friendly; carbon based metallization processes are established in the PCB world and, are suited to, and cater predominantly for the flexible and exotic material markets. Currently two generically diverse systems occur, one based on active carbon and one based on graphite. Both systems are ultimately job capable but the perception is that graphite systems are more tolerant with regards to electroplating.

This presentation will focus on a graphite system. The presentation will hang on a frame work based on some golden rules, Figure 1

Figure 1: Golden rules to describe carbon processes

The graphite process is, unlike other metallization processes, a two-step mechanical process as described in Figure 1, consisting of the application of carbon and the subsequent removal of the carbon from the copper infer-faces in preparation for acid copper plating. In the session a full process description will be outlined with hints and advice from the field.

The ‘how to use’ process presentation will be augmented with physical sample testing results that are of practical interest. The results will focus on propagation, adhesion, both to the dielectric and copper to copper and coverage.

The ultimate aim of the presentation is to demonstrate the capabilities of an optimized graphite metallization process with reference to the actual market requirements.

For parties interested in the process, guidance will be given to facilities sample plating, with technical experts available to answer any questions or concerns.

Dr. Frank Brüning

Dr. Frank Brüning

Atotech Deutschland GmbH

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Dr. Frank Brüning
Dr. Frank Brüning
Atotech Deutschland GmbH
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